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Sarah Wenden


"I always start outside drawing and painting directly from the motif, returning repeatedly to the same place at different times of the year.

Having worked for thirty years almost exclusively on reflections in water, I am now also interested in the way the river shapes the landscape it passes through. I like to be where distance is glimpsed through a mesh of intervening vegetation, so the landscape can be perceived as a succession of layers one behind the other, and the space marked out by incidents between myself and the far horizon. Other works are developed in the studio from these studies as I become intrigued by certain aspects of the composition."


Sarah Wenden



Sarah Wenden is a landscape painter living in Oxford, and much of her work is based on the surrounding countryside. She trained in London at the Central and The Slade and later became the first (non-botanical) artist-in-residence at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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